User's Guide (MotionBoard Cloud)

This guide describes the basic operations of MotionBoard Cloud.


  • Board creator

  • Board operator

Tutorials introduced in this guide

This guide contains tutorial-style chapters for new users of MotionBoard Cloud.

The overview of each chapter and the estimated time to finish reading are as follows:

  • MBC-Chapter 1. View sample boards

    This chapter describes the basic usage through the "view boards" operation, such as how to open boards and chart operation of the chart item.

    The required time to read is about one hour.

  • MBC-Chapter 2. Create a board

    This chapter describes the operations related to creating boards, such as creating chart item and spreadsheet items, as well as displaying the details of chart data in spreadsheet items.

    The required time to read is about three hours.

Notes on reading this guide

  • Some parts of this guide use the samples attached with MotionBoard (such as boards and files). If there are no samples in MotionBoard you are using, you cannot use some part of this guide.