Scenario guide

This guide describes key features of the various MotionBoard features mainly using images. Since many of the topics are introduced with specific samples, you will be able to walk through each step of the operation to see if the feature meets your needs.


The main target audience is the following:

  • Board creator

Necessary knowledge

  • Contents of ""First step guide""

How to read topics

The meanings of headings used in topics (pages) are as follows:

  1. Title

    The title of the topic.

  2. What you can do with this operation

    Describes the issues that are solved by learning the topic and the usages of the operation.

  3. Overview

    Describes key points of the topic and their backgrounds.

  4. Prerequisites

    Describes the knowledge required to understand the topic. The users who can operate are described by the system role (a collection of available feature privileges assigned to the group to which the user belongs) of MotionBoard. The following system roles are used in this guide, and the upper level can use all the lower level features.

    1. Administrator

    2. Board Admin

    3. Standard User

    4. View User

  5. Procedure and usage

    Describes the procedures and explanation to realize the contents of the topic. How to use boards and items are also described as needed.

  6. Next step

    Describes what you can do in addition to the topic by changing or adding settings. Some information may also be described to help you understand the functions of the topic more deeply.

  7. Links to related information

    Describes the manual pages that explain information related to the topic. This is helpful to understand the function of the topic deeply.

Notes on reading guides

  • Some parts of this guide use the samples attached with MotionBoard (such as boards and files). If the relevant samples do not exist in the using MotionBoard, you cannot use part of this guide.